About Utah Soccer Arena

UInternational Soccer Balltah Soccer Arena is a year around Futsal facility located in Murray, Salt lake County. We have two competitive fields, (60’ x 110’), featuring SnapSports surface for fast-action, fun and technical soccer. In addition we also offer a professional field (132’ x 75’) that conforms to international regulations and can be used to host nationally and internationally recognized soccer events. Regardless of weather conditions, day or night, soccer players can find a safe, clean, friendly and professional atmosphere for soccer enjoyment inside the Utah Soccer Arena.

We will offer the right environment for competitive and recreational soccer for all players by providing leagues and tournaments for several divisions, youth, men, women, and co-ed. League play is continuous year around and tournaments are organized several times throughout the year.

The fields can be rented for practices, birthday parties, corporate events, preseason and post-season team parties, camps, clinics, school graduation nights, fund raising, tournaments, organized lacrosse and much more.

Our Mission:
To provide state of the art soccer facilities to give ordinary people a chance for healthy living while experiencing competition, winning, and team spirit.

Our Vision:
To manage and expand our soccer facilities to create the right environment for competitive and recreational soccer for all Salt Lake County residents. We will strive to offer the best year-around soccer experience in the area by being committed to the following:

Passion and respect for all players
Fair and competitive play
Organizational excellence
Continuous improvement